Monday, January 3, 2011

My Bucket List

Great title, huh? My creative side is just shining today! Can't you tell?

I signed up for the MeYou Health Daily Challenge.   Everyday they post a new challenge for you to do. Share it with everyone or just a few close friends! These challenges are small things that will help you with your well-being. It's pretty fun already and exciting to see what your next challenge is!

Today's challenge was to share 5 things on my bucket list.

I don't have a bucket list...

Now is a great time to start one then! Hmmm...

1. Move to Oregon
2. Go to New York around Christmas time
3. Have my own Photo studio
4. Get Married
5. Visit Ireland
6. GO back to England
7. Visit Australia

OOPS...was that more than 5?

oh I thought of another one!

8. Go on a cruise

I could probably go on! I should write these down somewhere else to have an extra copy!

Next step! I have to write down one step on how to get closer to one of my dreams on my bucket list.
Most important to me is my number 1. Move to Oregon. Where i live, the job market is HORRIBLE.
It's horrible everywhere....
Time to really push myself to get a job. Going on a visit to Oregon (thanks to the help of my family and my winter job at Ritz Camera..I misses it there) in less than a month. When I get back I plan to Get a job and pay off bills and set aside money to move and have my own place. I don't need to spend my money on Stuff I don't need.

Yeah...I can do that! No problem!

Go on! Try it! What are 5 things on your bucket list?
While you are at it, you should sign up for the Daily Challenge! It's fun!

No picture today *gasp* I know! Next time I promise!


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