Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm trying...

I saw this on  another blog, I already can't remember which. I should have kept it open. It linked back to this blog though (and a new blog I will be following)! I have never been good with resolutions so this would be more ideal for me!

11 permissions for 2011

I give myself FULL permission to:
1. Laugh and smile every chance I get even if I don't think I can
2. Get out more, go for a walk, bring the dogs
3. Take more photos
4. Appreciate who I am
5. Try new things
6. Be a better person
7. Never Give up
8. Blog more often
9. Enjoy the Small things
10. Live Frugal
11. Be Healthy both Physically and Mentally

I want to put every one of these into action! 2011 will be a good year. 2010 had a lot of good and bad experiences and a lot of life changing events but 2011 is the year to push myself to being a better person.

I am encouraging you to participate! make yourself a personal note and put it somewhere you will always see. Post it to a note on Facebook, share and encourage your friends! Don't let 2010 be JUST another year!

I would love to see your lists! If you want to share Comment below! I can't wait!

Of course I can't leave you without a photo!

Hocking Hills in OH. Sometime in November!

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